Tips & Tricks: Make Your Photos POP!

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Love your Feed!

Today we're sharing Photo Editing Tricks to make your feed pop (keep scrolling to see).

One filter can totally transform your entire feed, even if you take normal, everyday photos.

 One click = one transformation:


Filter Q1 in the "Fun" filter pack:


Filter P2 in the "Blogger" filter pack:



Filter P2 in the "Blogger" filter pack:



Filter P5 in the "Blogger" filter pack:


Don’t be afraid to try different filters on your photos. 

The 3 Best Filter Packs in Preview app are:

 “Blogger” pack:

  • Good for everyday photos (big variety of filters to suit different photos).

  • Take photos of anything. Good for travel, fashion, shops, products, everyday life.

“Orange” pack:

  • To create the famous “orange” / warm blogger feed (perfect for fall too).

  • Take photos of things that have orange, red, white, pink in it to make your feed POP.

 “Fun” pack:

  • For pops of colors, tropical, summer, beach, colorful feed.

  • Take photos of things with green (nature), and blue (sky, water, jeans), and colorful to make your feed POP. We love these filters because the blues become turquoise  

“Can I use more than one filter in my feed?”

 Yes! The filters from these 3 packs will work well together.

If you are new to the filter world, and you’re not sure where to start: just use one filter at the beginning. It will already make a huge difference to your feed. 

“Where are the filters in Preview?”




Editing Tips

You need to know this:

All the photos you take are going to be different (different lights, different colors, different places, indoors, outdoors, etc...). So it is totally normal if a filter looks different on different photos.


 If a filter is too strong: decrease the intensity of the filter

 Want to make a filter pop even more? Go in the editing tools and increase the saturation 

 If the photo is too bright after you apply a filter: lower the exposure and brightness

 If your photo is too dark, increase the exposure and brightness (the colors of the filters will pop again) 

That's it for now!

Have fun editing your photos! Come on Instagram to show us your before and afters too!

And if those filter packs are not your style, don’t worry. More filter packs are coming very soon 

See you next week for new tips (strategy tips)!

Alex & Andrew

Original content created and published by the team at

Meet Our Team: 30 Seconds with Britt Young, Journalist


Where were you born? 

Atlanta, GA

What is your education background? 

BA double major in French and Communications from Furman University in Greenville, SC, BS in Geosciences from Mississippi State University, MA in Marriage and Family Therapy from Argosy University in Honolulu, HI

What do you love about journalism/reporting/storytelling? 

I love telling stories about regular people who are doing extraordinary things or having extraordinary experiences. we're a bit caught up in the celebrity culture, and we forget that regular folks are really making the innovations and moving the world forward. it's nice to give them a voice through storytelling.

What are you up to these days? 

I am a practicing marriage and family therapist who provides mental health services to individuals, couples, and families. I just expanded my individual practice into a group practice with two counseling centers and 15 additional clinicians and am planning to open two additional counseling centers on Oahu by the end of 2020.

Share an interesting fact about yourself:

My mom was an international flight attendant, and I flew stand-by for free until I was a young adult. One time, I was mistaken for a flight attendant while waiting for a seat, and the agent sat me in the cockpit with the pilots for the flight. Luckily, I was quick-witted and came up with an alter-identity for the duration of the flight.


Doin’ It For the ‘Gram: Six Ways to Use Instagram in Business

Written By: Gini Dietrich | August 6, 2019

This past weekend, my Bean had a birthday party for one of her best girlfriends.

As the parents sat around discussing the Bible and drinking grape juice (that was for you, mom!), we learned that one of the dads follows Hugh Jackman on Instagram.

I mean, I do too, but I’m certain for entirely different reasons.

When we started to tease him about it, he said, “What? I’m doin’ it for the ‘gram!”

Do you ever do it for the ‘gram?

Lots of people do. And Hugh Jackman IS a good reason to do it.

As of this year, there are 105 million active users in the U.S. alone.

At first blush, it may seem like Instagram is just for Millennials taking pictures of latte art and craft IPAs, or Instagram husbands, or makeup and clothing brands riding the influencer train.

But there are lots of organizations, from all sorts of industries using the platform to connect with their audiences, their customers, the broader community, complementary or even competing businesses, and team members distributed around the globe.

It’s pretty addictive.

You open the app, scroll through the pictures, and at a glance, without having to read a word, you can see what your friends and colleagues are up to.

It’s popular, and it’s still the rising star of social media.

How Instagram Works

Instagram, owned by Facebook, is projected to account for a quarter of all of the social network’s ad revenue by the end of 2019, and nearly a third in 2020, according to Sprout Social.

And the best part?

Eighty percent of the billion people globally who use Instagram are following at least one business account.

If you don’t want to do the math that’s 800 million people.

Lots of people.

All kinds. 

It makes sense for your organization to be there. 

If you’re new to Instagram, haven’t tried it yet for business, or it’s been a while since you reviewed your strategy, there are different tools and features you can use to your advantage. 

Instagram Stories

Stories are the powerhouse of Instagram.

They’re a series of pictures or video clips strung together in sequence.

They’re a way for you to do more than post and write about a picture, they let you, well, tell a story.

You can have different themes for stories, change it up every day or week, or have regular stories to teach, connect with, and entertain your followers. 

One of the best Stories I’ve seen of late is of a travel agency that provides trips into the Congo to see chimpanzees and their babies (definitely on my bucket list!).

Last week, they had a Story that showed images of the trek into the jungle and then close-ups of my favorite animal.

It immediately went from, “I’d like to see that some day after Ebola and terrorism aren’t an issue” to “OK, maybe we could risk Ebola and terrorism to see this.” 

Of course, not everyone has photos of chimps and their babies, but the point is it’s not super challenging to engage people in your organization with photos or videos strung together.

Using Hashtags on Instagram

At a really basic level, Instagram is a feed of pictures organized by hashtag.

They are any word or phrase or set of initials preceded by, well, a hashtag (#).

Your parents might call it a pound sign.

Whatever you call it, they’re how people search Instagram, and connect their images and videos with those from the rest of the world. 

Some popular hashtags include TBT—or throwback Thursday—where people share an old photo or video.

Or OOTD, which is the outfit of the day.

I don’t participate in that one because my outfit of the day would consist of a different colored tank top and black cycling pants or shorts.

Not super exciting or inspiring, though they do make my butt look good.

Your brand can create a new hashtag for your community to use, or get in on one of the popular ones.

If you’re starting out, try using existing hashtags first, then develop your own as you get comfortable with them.

We use one called #BrainBreak where we ask our community a fun question to get them thinking and give them a little mental reset.

And now is probably when I should mention you should come find us on Instagram!

You can find us @spinsucks, which I’m sure comes as no surprise.

Off-Platform Linking

A pretty standard way to approach social media is to try and get people off social media, and on to something you own, such as your website.

And, depending on your goals, that might be what you want to do with your Instagram followers. 

When you do paid media, the whole point is to link off the platform and draw prospects into your funnel or funnels.

But, like YouTube, Instagram only lets accounts with more than 10,000 followers do this.

Before you hit that number, you get one link in your bio.

Because of this, it makes the most sense to engage with Instagram users ON Instagram.

It builds awareness, provides a fun and easy way to build engagement, and you can still teach them about your organization. 

Now, an Instagram business account, all of this information, and a dollar will get you a whopping one minute of parking in downtown Chicago.

You need followers to be able to do this, and what you post may not always show up in your followers’s feeds.

How does Instagram decide who gets to see what

Like most of the big social platforms, they’re not exactly rushing to provide explicit details of how their algorithm works, but because they’re owned by Facebook, we have some clues. 

Let’s get into some ways you can do that…

Using Instagram In Your Comms Program

If you or your clients sell products, the hyper-visual nature of Instagram will help you showcase the different features, demonstrate how to use them, and share what they look like in different settings.

It also allows you to create user-generated campaigns that are hashtag-focused, of your customers using, talking about, and sharing your products.

This kind of social proof can be challenging to get on other social networks but it is what Instagram is best at.

The uses of Instagram for product-based organizations are pretty clear,  but what about those that don’t sell physical products?

Software as a service, service providers, consultants, freelancers, mission-based orgs…how does Instagram work for them?

There are plenty of options!

Instagram can showcase your company culture by sharing images and commentary on what it’s like to work with you.

This can be a powerful tool when you’re recruiting and trying to attract new talent, and can also help distributed teams feel connected. 

Clients or other audience members who follow your feed will also get an ‘inside’ look at what your company is about, and that can help with how you and your team are perceived.

Solve Problems and Repurpose Content

I will caution you here, though.

There is nothing worse than you not being available to a client or missing a deadline, only to have them see you on social media glamming it up.

Even if it’s something you posted later or during off hours, the perception always becomes, “Oh, I see. They’re off playing instead of doing what I’ve paid them to do.”

You can also build an Instagram account that teaches and inspires.

There are always problems to solve, things people can learn, and new ways for them to think about what some may take for granted.

Instagram can be where you step out of your niche just a little, and connect with people about related war stories and/or personal stories.

Finally, Instagram can be one of the places where you repurpose the content you’ve created for other platforms.

If you have new research, infographics, unique content, or quotable text, they can all find a new life on Instagram, where they’ll be seen and shared by your community.

Or, if you have a podcast, you can take soundbites from it and use it in your Stories or even explore InstagramTV, which we haven’t covered here today, but is equally as important and is the future of communications.

Look at your content archive and see if you can find interesting questions that you’ve posed, turns of phrase you’re particularly proud of, or facts that generated conversation on the other social networks. 

Meet Our Team: 30 Seconds with Nikki Miyamoto, Creative Director


What is your education background? 

After graduating from Kalani High School, I attended Kapiolani Community College, University of Hawaii at Manoa, and also did a summer study abroad program at Salamanca University in Spain through Leeward Community College.  However, my training in video production took place outside of the classroom and under the guidance and direction of longtime top local director Tim Savage, who I also have the privilege of calling my Uncle.

What do you love about video and creative storytelling?

 What I love about video and creative storytelling is the power it has to make someone feel connected to another person, whether that person is in their own community or on the other side of the world.  It has the power to inspire, to encourage, to inform, and to move people. I personally feel like I get a unique and intimate look at whatever it is I am filming, and the experience is always so special. I want to share that same experience with the world.

 What are you up to these days?

 Besides hanging out with my husband and our amazing dog, Kujo, I love spending time with family and friends, finding new shows to watch, new books to read, new places to travel to, and new ways to make my husband roll his eyes. When there is time, I love taking full advantage of living in Hawai’i by going hiking, camping or just spending the day at the beach.

 Share an interesting fact about yourself

I feel blessed to have had some unique experiences, from backpacking Europe and hang gliding in the Swiss alps, to competing in two jiujitsu tournaments, and being chased by a wild Komodo Dragon in Indonesia.

5 Powerful Video Marketing Strategies & Trends to Use in 2019

Originally Published By Roberta Beattie | December 11, 2018


Over the past few years video content consumption has seen a massive upsurge on an unprecedented scale and it’s not looking like 2019 is going to be any different.

Consumers simply love video content. There’s good reason for that too, video is proven to be more engaging, more memorable & effective. According to WordStream, social video posts generate a staggering 1200% more shares than text & image posts combined.

There’s never been a better time to include video in your marketing strategy.

This article is packed with insights, upcoming trends and clever strategies for 2019 to help you plan for success.

Whatever video you’re planning for the upcoming year, from corporate video and explainer videos, all the way to TV commercials and viral marketing - we want to help you succeed - why not tell us about your project...


1. Know Your Audience - Research & Insights are Key to Success

Consumers are hungry for video content. Particularly content that is relevant to them. Targeted video that is specific to your audience's questions or needs will drive better outcomes for your business and be more useful to your them.

The video content you create should hinge around who your target customer is and the content they are looking for.

By increasing the usefulness and relevance of your marketing content you’ll attract more of the right kinds of people to become part of you tribe. People will align themselves naturally with your brand. 

Invest in analytics and metrics, examine past customer data, find and uncover insights about the people that already love your brand.

The more you know about your audience, the easier it is to create a plan to find more people just like them.

Targeted content also has the advantage of encouraging more social activity. According to a study conducted by Wyzowl 83% of the people they asked said they would share a branded video if it contained information that might be of interest to their friends.

Here is an excellent example of this strategy in action.

Tescos used audience insights and searcher intent to create a series of highly relevant and targeted commercials to drive consumers to shop with them over Christmas.

This campaign shows how powerful these insights can be to fuel successful strategies.

2. Tell Stories to Increase Engagement & Drive Results

This ties in nicely with number one. If you know your audience then you’ll be able to craft stories that connect with them and their problems. Stories that they can identify with on an emotional level.

At Skeleton we use the power of stories all the time. Take a look at some of the excellent examples of corporate storytelling we create here.

We all know that audiences today simply aren’t interested in logos plastered all over the place and the hard sell approach.

This is why stories can be so effective. We connect with stories because they are the fabric of society. We are told them throughout our childhood and we continue to use them throughout our lives.

There is rarely an event or happening in our lives that cannot be turned into a story in one form or another. Humans use stories every day to understand everything around them.

Most importantly, stories are by far the easiest way to communicate complex situations.

This is why using them in your marketing strategy is so powerful & engaging. Through your brand and product stories you can effortlessly demonstrate how your services solve problems in a meaningful way.

This is the strategy Superdry used to create a phenomenally successful video marketing campaign. By using the insights gained from their target audience research they created a series of stories to sell their winter jackets.

The campaign achieved a massive 4.8 million video views and a 238% uplift in branded search. In-store purchase rates and footfall tracking also showed great improvements. All this combined to show that the video campaign investment delivered a fourfold return.

3. Video Strategy is Becoming More Essential

So now you know why the videos you create have the potential to be very powerful, but the videos on their own won’t be enough. The success of your videos goes hand in hand with the strategy behind it.

All of the most successful campaigns Skeleton work on start with a powerful video strategy.

According to a recent Cisco study 82% of consumer internet traffic will be video by 2020. VidYard are reporting the average business created  a staggering 33 videos a month in 2018 (up by 83% over previous year).

That is a massive shift towards video content investment. This shift heralds video as an effective method that drives results.

An overarching strategy is necessary to ensure that each video you create drives action and is a piece of the larger whole. Content that informs and reaches your audience at every stage of their journey.

Each video created should be tailored to answer a question, raise brand awareness or support any of the KPIs you choose to measure success.

If you research how people search for your products or services you can create all sorts of useful content that satisfies their needs.

Key performance indicators should be identified as part of your strategy. KPIs also should be identified for each video to ensure that it connects to the strategy and serves its purpose.

Your strategy should also  detail the primary distribution points for the videos – LinkedIn, Instagram, TV, Facebook, YouTube, etc. This allows you to determine the format and optimisation of the videos before you create them.

Strong Strategy + Targeted Videos  = Success.

4. The Changing Shape of the Sales Funnel - Meet the Flywheel

There’s a new pattern emerging, today's sales funnel is looking more like a flywheel. More of an ongoing cycle. One that encourages customers to stay engaged and build a relationships with the brands they love.

At Hubspot’s annual Inbound conference earlier this year, they unveiled a new approach to the sales funnel called the Flywheel. A different approach to the customer journey designed to focus heavily on the customer experience and harnessing that as the main driver of your business.

Continued nurturing brings previous customers back in to the fold, gives them opportunities to be repeat customers and tell their friends and family about you. It encourages customer success.


The four elements of the flywheel are:


Educate visitors with content and eliminate any barriers that may hinder their ability to gather the information they need;


Build relationships by engaging with buyers on their terms;


Shift resources to help tie your business’ success to your customers’ success;


Placed at the center, businesses will focus on removing friction to help their customers succeed and fuel growth for both themselves and their customers.

When you implement the flywheel technique you’re continually giving customers, both new and old, the opportunity to be attracted, engaged and delighted by your brand.

5 Customer Success is the Secret Sauce in 2019:

Customer success describes the the ways your business can help a customer get the most from your products and services. It’s no longer enough to make the sale then move on to the next one.

Now you’ve used videos to attract and convert new customers, the next step is to use them to turn your customers into evangelists.

Customers love talking about the good service they have had, or the great value they got from a product. They also like to educate themselves or troubleshoot how to use a product or service.

Video is a fantastic way to encourage all of these activities.

Some companies have drastically reduced help desk requests by creating support, educational, or product training videos to cater to consumers who need to troubleshoot a problem, or for those who prefer self-service or simply want to expand their expertise.

You can use video to encourage reviews by sending thank you or on-boarding videos to get new customers rolling with their new purchase.

When you plan this kind of content with your videos, you create stronger bonds with your customers, brand evangelists and repeat custom.

In conclusion:

2019 looks exciting and promises lots of opportunities for brands harnessing the power of video in their marketing mix. It’s essential to thoroughly plan your strategies though as half-hearted campaigns will no longer bring the results your business needs.

The way marketers use these powerful trends will determine the success of their marketing efforts. Business who adapt and use strategies like these, will reap the rewards and stay ahead of the game in 2019.