Meet Our Team: Max Meyers, Videographer

The island’s sand and surf is just one of the reasons Max Meyers loves it here in Hawaii, because there isn’t much of that where he grew up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

Max started out studying Digital Media at Hawkeye College in Waterloo, Iowa, but ended up moving to Hawaii to pursue his passion as a filmmaker.  His passion began in middle school when he was creating snowboard and skateboard videos with his friends, enabling him with an income and on-the-job training.

“There is something so strong about being able to share someones story through visuals and sounds,” Max explains. “The number one thing I love about videography, is setting up the shot. I love camera movements and planning how the shot is going to play throughout the scene.” 

In his spare time, he’s using his skills from growing up on a farm in Iowa to work on local organic farms in Waimanalo. His plan for the farm is to create a sustainable environment where people can come and enjoy the fresh vegetables and fruits grown on the land.

One thing you won’t find him doing, is being lazy. Says Max, “I’m always thinking about something that I could be doing. I always have to be doing something productive.”

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