Our event coverage packages include a wide variety of services designed to help provide a comprehensive recap of your event.  Videos will be shared on a multitude of digital media platforms and content will be distributed to local media outlets and other social media platforms.

Shooting Hours 2 hours 2 hours 2 hours 4.5 hours 30 hours (12 videos)
Videographer x x x x x
Journalist x x x x
VNR x x x x x
2 Minute Package x x x x x
Real Time Feature x x x
Promo Video x x
Archive Video x

T H E    B A S I C

The Basic is the perfect package if you are looking for standard video coverage of an event.  This package will include:

• 2 minute edited web-video of b-roll and natural sound
• Distribution to TV stations and local media outlets
• Distribution on connected social media platforms


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E V E N T   F E A T U R E

The event feature provides you a journalistic approach with a comprehensive digital recap of an event or story.  This package will include:

• An experienced journalist to cover the event or story
• 2 minute feature (completed story) with video and narrative feature
• video of b-roll and natural sound provided to TV stations and local media outlets for distribution. 
• Distribution on connected social media platforms

MEVO FACEBOOK LIVE - Royal Hawaiian Hotel's 90th Anniversary

What makes The Royal Hawaiian so special? Return guests of the hotel and Area Managing Director Kelly Sanders share their memories. #Royal90

Posted by The Royal Hawaiian, a Luxury Collection Resort on Friday, March 3, 2017

REAL TIME - Aloha Festivals 2016

Posted by Aloha Festivals on Friday, September 9, 2016

REAL TIME - Hawaii Food and Wine Festival 2016

You never know who you'll run into at Hawaii Food & Wine Festival #HFWF16 #HFWF16UrbanLuau

Posted by RKT Media Hawaii on Wednesday, October 26, 2016


This stand-alone package provides 3 hours of LIVE coverage on your Facebook platform with the new MEVO camera. The MEVO is a high-quality camera designed to provide multiple camera angles on Facebook Live with an assigned RKT Media reporter providing live reports.






E V E N T   F E A T U R E &  R E A L   T I M E

This package includes all the features of the “Event Feature” plan but also includes a “quick and dirty” real-time edited video.  The REAL TIME feature provides short videos that are posted to social media instantly as events happen.  This feature is perfect if you are looking to engage your online audience with active and real time coverage while providing a LIVE online feature. Our reporters will also manage the social media account of the client and provide a Facebook LIVE report on the app's new live feature.




T H E   C O M P L E T E   P A C K A G E

The complete package is designed to help you promote and market your event or story with the creation of three web videos.  This package will include:  

• Planning meeting with members of the RKT media team to decide best marketing strategies for the event.
• An announcement video to be released 2-3 weeks prior, highlighting the upcoming event. 
• A second video created by RKT Media that assist in the marketing of the event one week before the event. (example: Man on the street, hype video, behind the scenes, etc)
• Distribution of b-roll to media stations prior to event (great for television morning show appearances)
• AND all of the features included in the “Event Feature + Real-Time” package. 


T H E   C O R P O R A T E   P A C K A G E

The premier package is specifically for businesses or organizations looking for an exponential increase in exposure and consistent digital media presence. The corporate package includes:  

• 12 videos (may include video announcement, web features, feature package, behind the scenes teaser, etc)
• Distribution to TV stations and local media outlets
• Distribution on connected social media platforms
• Archive of B-roll that can be distributed to media for future stories



In the ever-evolving world of digital media, having a consistent, creative and strong online presence is necessary to stay competitive and relevant in today's growing social media landscape. RKT Media specializes in creating original video content that is designed to engage online audiences, communicate marketing strategies and reach a broad spectrum of viewers through digital storytelling. From company profile videos to creative video content, RKT Media’s team of storytellers will help to tell your story.

While we specialize in video content geared towards media outlets and our stories often resemble a news featured package, RKT Media recognizes the need for creative and artistic videos that can also help to tell a different kind of story. Our creative video team can help your company, organization or marketing campaign visually tell a story.

For additional information and pricing about each of the services listed below, please contact us to discuss prices and package deals.


 Our company profile videos provide the perfect framework for summarizing the history, vision and services of companies, organizations or individuals looking to have their story told. This profile piece is an excellent way to let people know what you’re all about through visual storytelling and graphics. These videos can be used for website home pages, social media promotions and company marketing material.



More and more, companies are looking for ways to create online buzz through creative video content. These videos are targeted for online audiences and digital and social media platforms. Before each shoot, a member of RKT Media team will meet with the client to discuss the objective and vision of the video. The RKT Media creative team will then create a video conceptual proposal and shooting outline to ensure an efficient video production.


Consistency and reinforcement messaging are critical factors to consider when building an online campaign or increase online engagement. The RKT Media creative video “Triple Pack” helps to accomplish this need with the production of a total of three videos detailing any message you and your company may be trying to convey.  The videos are designed to help accomplish and illustrate marketing strategies with strategic production planning and implementation to cut back on overall production costs.


With the development of social media and digital marketing, companies are now looking for new ways to engage their audience and make a lasting impression through the use of experiential marketing. Experiential marketing is a form of advertising that focuses primarily on helping consumers experience a brand. In this way, experiential marketing can encompass a variety of other marketing strategies from individual sampling to large-scale guerrilla marketing. Experiential marketing is a way of developing a memorable and emotional connection between the consumer and the brand that will generate customer interest, loyalty and influence.


The RKT media team will meet with the client to develop an experiential marketing plan based on the overall objective of the campaign. Our team will provide options and creative ideas to help achieve this brand exposure and execute the project while providing video coverage to capture the emotional and unexpected reaction of participants. Experiential marketing videos have the potential to reach a large online audience through organic and personal social media engagement as well as through a targeted media release that can be executed through RKT Media’s video news release service.